Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tour of South Thailand III 2014 - Day 0 Heading to Siam

A day before Day 1, I left my house around 6.15pm I decided to cycle to the train station instead of getting a lift from my wife. Taking an LRT to KL Sentral would be as equally bad during rush hour and on a Friday evening.
After a simple & nice dinner at Soong Kee, I made my way to KL Sentral and was there around 7.40pm. Sam & Michelle were already at McDonald's.
Andrew arrived about the same time and we ready to board a train to Hatyai.
My space for RM54.00 for an upper berth Andrew paid RM60.00 for his' below.
The train "Senandung Langkawi" looks pretty old and it is going to be a 12 hours rocking before we could get into the land of smiles.
Thanks to Sam & Eddie for getting the tickets for us. The berths were all full, it seems everyone on board were heading to Thailand to get wet for Songkran Festival.

Restoran Tua Huat Ulu Yam Loh Mee Petaling Jaya Section 19

I was first introduced to this place by a working associate Andrew for a lunch and after a couple of weeks I brought my in-laws for a dinner. Everyone has good remarks for Tua Huat. 
It is located nearby SS2 Petaling Jaya in Section 19. The shop opens from 9 in the morning to 8.30 in the evening. Tua Huat have been providing decent and good noodle in this area for the last 11 years..
The Hakka braised pork with black fungus (Char Yuk) was not consistent the one I took during lunch was good not when I had it during dinner time.
Thai fried Tofu was perfect - everyone of us vouched for it.
Simple stir fried tapioca leaves (Fan Shi Miu)
I love soup and I like this alcohol flavoured chicken soup...lot of ginger & wine, the meat was tender and delicious.
Szeto said "it's better than KFC he will give his son here". It was piping hot and had to eat slowly.
Below were the order we took for dinner with my in-laws, overall everyone was satisfied with the food and it was fun eating with a group of 12 persons. I think we have tried almost of all the signature noodles in this shop.
Stewed Pork Bee Hoon 扣肉米粉 - The family loves this first dish, 12 of us dug into it and were absolutely satisfied with it . The only complaint was the sliced braised pork belly was not sufficient but the tasty bihun noodle with nice aroma did the magic.
Tua Huat's signature Loh Mee  with a few drops of vinegar it was awesome. 
Clay pot yam pork ribs noodles 排骨伊面 a portion for 3 and I would suggest that this dish to be eaten when it is hot.
Soft and tender spring roll 五香春卷 (lobak look alike) was awesome too.
One of the best "Saito" fish cake 西刀 (ikan parang) I have ever tasted springy and delicious.
Most of us love this Chinese wine chicken soup we had eggs added into it and it was truly awesome. It also brought memories of confinement time for some.

Restoran Tua Huat

50G, Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya 
46300 Selangor
GPS : 3.120000, 101.629350

Contact ☎ 019-664 8711 / 012-309 2834 / 012-3092835
Business Hours: 9am- 8.30pm (Daily) 9am- 3pm (Tuesday)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah

Sunshine Bay has been in business for quite sometime apparently they have shifted from the opposite of the road to now a bigger premise on same row with the Post Office of Tanjung Bungah. In most cases when the business gets bigger the food quality tends to drop but not so so in Sunshine Bay. So check it out if you are looking for seafood at Tanjung Bungah.
We were there in a big group as big as 4 tables and we ordered in an extravagant way until we could hardly finish the good food....
Crabs fried with yellow noodle it is watery but a delicious gravy indeed.
Chicken marinated with Guinness Stout sauce seems the favourite dish. Juicy and awesome.
Fried Tofu with minced meat topping garnished with spring onions.
A clay pot of herbal chicken.
Bitter gourd fried with watery's so soothing and nice.
Grouper fish steamed with light soy sauce.
Fresh prawns with light chilli sauce served in bamboo pole.
Sweet potato leaves fried with Belacan & prawns.
The group of cycling buddies having a wonderful meal at Sunshine Bay..
A night of plentiful food for a good occasion and tomorrow was going to be a big day for Go & Well. Let's eat, drink & be merry!!!

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant

584-B Jalan Tanjung Bungah

11200 Penang

Tel : 012 4737276 & 016 4689168
GPS : 5.465268, 100.281344

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Boey Chong Kee 梅忠记 - One Old Eating House in Penang

Another trip back to Penang and this time it was for Cheng Beng and an awesome wedding event. As I was about to take the 2nd Penang Bridge into the island I gave a call to an old buddy, Jeff whether he has time for a dinner. Of course my friend obliged and asked me to go to Boey Chong Kee. I was late I had to parked my car a distance away and took my Jifo for the rescue to Cintra Street.
I nearly missed the first dish ...hehehe Eu Cha Koay fried with a mixed ingredient such as celery, lean meat, liver and prawns. Something interesting for a Tai Chow dish.
Another home cooked dish - leek fried with lean meat, mushroom, tau kwa and bean curd sheet.
 Fried egg that served with lettuce wrap.
Stir fried Kailan with garlic simple yet delicious.
The signature dish tender beef slices fried with spring onions and ginger.
Dinner was over and it was time to poison Jeff. Behind is People's Court the oldest flat in Penang and that's where Boey Chong Kee is located (ground floor of it). Getting to this place is a bit tricky but not with a bicycle.
Boey Chong Kee Restaurant 梅忠记
C-6, People’s Court
off Cintra Street
GPS : 5.417272, 100.333763

Tel : 04 2617672

Monday, April 07, 2014

Restoran Ee Tong 怡東中泰海鮮餐館 Zoo Road, Air Itam Penang

The Ee Tong I know wasn't the same today, the quality of food has dropped and has much to be desired.
We always love this Siamese dish whenever we are here but this time around the soup has lost its oomph .... not as power as before. 
Stuffed tofu was on a average scale maybe on that day I wasn't in the mood for fried stuff like this.
Fried chicken with stuffed salted egg yoke another wrong choice of order hehehe ..... I was actually tuned for something Thai it's just too bad this food adventure didn't turn out good for me maybe the next time.
Fortunately there was this that I like, asparagus fried with belacan & prawns it went well with my plain rice.
Restoran Ee Tong  怡東中泰海鮮餐館
52A Lorong Zoo 6
Air Itam
Tel: 04-828-6832
GPS : 5.402806, 100.284543

Saturday, April 05, 2014

A Round Island Ride by a Group of Heng Dai for the Bride & Ji Mui

The journey
This was my first time being a member of a group of Heng Dai going for the Bride and Ji Mui. And this particular wedding is rather unique we have to cycle round Penang Island before we can be at the door step of the Bride and that was a long & sweaty journey.
5.30am - I was already at Lone Pine Hotel after a breakfast at McDonald's opposite the road.
Some of the Heng Dai having their breakfast at the lobby of the hotel and this meal was absolutely essential for the ride.
6.00am - We were ready to roll.
6.15 -  I dropped my chain I guess I shifted the gears too fast and that was the first stop for everyone hehehe...
6.30 - at Convent Secondary School, Light Street.
6.50 - At a traffic light beginning of Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Expressway.
7.10 - at the neighbourhood of Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas
7.30 - at the tip of the runway of Penang Airport.
7.50 - the first major climb at Jalan Teluk Kumbar
8:10 - we reached the peak of it and took a rest.
8.40 - Finishing Jalan Sg. Rusa and heading for the second climb. This climb is higher and longer.
9:00 - after Titi Kerawang Waterfall and a distance of 63km was clocked in at this point.
9.35 - here we were at Telok Bahang Dam.
9.40 - we left Telok Bahang Dam after a rest and video recording
10.00 - we reached Lone Pine Hotel and were ready for the Heng Dai versus Ji Mui duel.
Let the game begins.........
What a memorable experience to be one of the Heng Dai.
Go & Well with the Heng Dai & Ji Mui.
Congratulation to Go & Well!!!