Monday, November 23, 2015

Best Tomyam & Fish Head Noodle at Restoran Rainbow Herbs, Kudat Sabah

During our recent trip to Sabah my wife enjoyed the most was the herbal tomyam and fish head noodles we had at Restoran Rainbow Herbs Kudat. The bihun is chewy, the creamy tomyam soup was absolutely delicious the prawns were fresh and tasty. I like it with a mixture of bihun and yellow mee and I was totally impressed with it.
There is also an option of replacing prawns with fish meat or fish head, both are as good.
The fish head noodle is another killer which you must also try, fortunately we visited Restoran Rainbow Herbs twice once before we went into Pulau Banggi and again when we came back. It is also near the ferry terminal to Banggi Island.
Jo just could not believe that such a place can serve fantastic tomyam and fish head noodle. A place we will remember and talk about it for a long time.
The pricing is reasonable and on both occasions the place was brim packed when we were there.
The happy boys waiting for their favourite noodles to be served. Yeah it's truly a mouth watering experience.
It is located at Jalan Pasar

GPS : 6.879997, 116.846226 So the next time if you are in Kudat do not not miss this humble place I can guarantee you a good and satisfied meal.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's Cycle to the Tip Of Borneo An Experience of a Lifetime (Part 2 of 2)

Finally we made it to the Tip of Borneo where the two seas meet, South China Sea and Sulu Seas on the second day of this adventure. It took us 76 kilometres from Langkon, Kota Marudu to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo) with a total distance of 201km from Kota Kinabalu in 2 days.
The ten of us were fully charged and ready to go for the final lap and I just couldn't wait to see the sea.
Slowly we cycled along the main road leading to Kudat, the road is narrow and at times lorries can be travelling very fast. One has to be careful in order to be safe on the road.
As and when we feel like stopping we will just do it so long as everyone is comfortable and safety is our main concern. We are not racing against time.
Sometimes there are climbs to be tackled but slowly we will scale the slope and if it is difficult we will just dismount and push our bikes.
The weather was scorching hot and places like this is irresistible to stop by for a cold drink.
Anslem and his wife Amy caught us up with their powerful ride from Langkon too but they started later and here we have the Tan Brothers cycling together to the Tip of Borneo.
A sign that we were happy to see as we were told to stop here for a break. Hello Pekan Baru Matunggong we love you.
And this was the shop was visited at GPS:6.750751, 116.719593 for a pit stop and the distance covered until here was 28km.
And this was part of our ride where we had to adopt TnT - "Turun & Tolak" at 33th kilometre the start of some hilly climbs.
I could smell the lunch from here and food will be appearing soon as I was already very hungry.
Adnan, our man on the support vehicle told us that the next stop is about a kilometre away and these ladies were surely happy to hear that.
We had our lunch at Diligent Restaurant located at Pekan Sikuati (GPS : 6.891776, 116.712345) , at a junction of Jalan Marabau and Jalan Kota Belud - Kudat. The food was delicious. Most of us had mixed rice and everyone was very satisfied with the lunch. Distance covered was 50km.
Another 26km we will be at our final destination.
The junction to the Tip of Borneo also known as Tanjung Simpang Merayau was approaching.
Adnan waiting at the turning making sure we do not miss it as Ashley was sitting at the rear of the truck taking pictures of us.
We could not be spared for an easy completion with a last climb to go but a very steep one that was awaiting for us to overcome before we could reach to the tip and that was at our 57th km.
We were in no rush we took time off chatting with the local boys while waiting for the remaining riders to catch up.
Here come the ladies together with the support car.
So near yet so far as seen at my dashboard.
Another pit stop for one more refreshment and rest.
The scent of seaside air seems to be getting stronger and closer.
Those who have arrived earlier were already having a good time at Tip Top Beach Bar & Restaurant by the sea. I was given a can of cold beer upon reaching the place and what a fabulous way to celebrate a successful ride. Tanjung Simpang Merayau you are awesome.
The beach is called Kalampunia it's smooth and beautiful.
A picture with my bicycle and the tip of Borneo at my back. Have bicycle will travel and more to come.

The monument of the Tip of Borneo.
Our accommodation for the night at Tampat Do Aman sited in the midst of a jungle setting not too far away from the tip.

GPS : 7.020989, 116.743206
This is a semi permanent tent of Tampat Do Aman and besides this there are chalets and traditional longhouse.
All beds are equipped with mosquito netting as this place has lots of bugs and mosquito.
We stayed in the chalets and what a stay experiencing a night in the jungle. That's it my first visit to the Tip of Borneo. I would like to thank Joe, Anslem, Baki, Sooi Ying, Kim, Jason, Brian, Fenn, Ju Li and Jo for a great & successful trip.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cycling Adventure from Kota Kinabalu to the Tip of Borneo (Part 1 of 2)

10 friends flew to Kota Kinabalu for a cycling adventure. 8 of  us on an evening flight from KLIA and upon arriving at the KK airport we unpacked our bicycles and cycled to Borneo Backpackers Hostel where two other friends were waiting for us. 
Together we rode to the market area for a dinner. Anslem & family were our local contact in KK and is the brother of Apek Biker.
We were ready to roll on the following day after a good sleep at Borneo Backpackers Hostel.
Our first breakfast in KK was at Keng Wan Hing, the big Pao was delicious and so was my black local coffee.
Try the pao here at Gaya Street, you will like it.
The bicycle lane at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen is such a beautiful path with coconut trees along the route breezy air and a bright green lane.
A group photo at Sabah Foundation Building also known as Menara Tun Mustapha. That was our 8th kilometre of the day.
From the city we proceeded to Jalan Sulaman going through Sepangar, Salut Bay and crossing Gayang Bridge (30th km).
On the 37th Km we saw the Three Horses roundabout at Tuaran and the heat was getting hotter.
After using some smaller roads we passed through Tuaran and left the town crossing Sungai Tuaran with this bailey bridge on the 43KM.
My GPS device directed us to turn right towards Topokon, later I found out that the other 3 cyclists took the route straight on instead of making this turning. They were on a different route.
The road we took was quiet, the weather was hot and worst of all it had many climbs at this remote part of Sabah.
We stopped at our 52KM and S.O.S. for our support car as the route was getting hilly and tough, we shall remember this place called Tinambak.
We were rescued and regrouped at 78th KM which means we supported with this truck for a distance of 26km.
It was at this place in a warong (somewhere at the outskirt of Kota Belud) we regrouped and had our lunch before we continued the journey.
The heat was so hot but we kept on pedalling along Jalan Kota Belud - Kudat where most of it was generally flat and quiet sometime paddy fields can be seen.
Before arriving at this junction which was our destination of the day we have to scale a steep climb. We have successfully completed the challenge to Langkon, Kota Marudu and the total distance was 125km. 
We stayed at Northern Inn Hotel for the night and tomorrow we will make it to the tip of Borneo.
The route of the Day.