Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 15 - Goodbye Calgary & Our Last Destination Toronto

Margaret gave us a special treat at a Brazilian Fire Grill outlet called Bolero at Macleod Trail South of Calgary. It was a buffet eat all you can meal and if you love meat this is the place. The BBQ meats were awesome just too bad I could not consume too much. Thanks to Margaret for such a great meal and for being a great host I simply enjoyed the stay.
Also thanks to Margaret's mum for all the home cooked foods she had prepared for us. Nothing like eating at home especially in a foreign country where Asian food is quite difficult to find.
Bye bye Calgary I hope to visit this place again.
Toronto was our last destination and has a time different of two hours from Calgary.
A friend originally from Kulim, Tamijuddin picked us up at the airport and went straight to his house at Brampton. Lunch was already waiting for us. Nothing like a home cooked food prepared by his wife and the Nasi Beriyani was simply awesome.
So this is the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant, Brampton a relatively new and well planned community and it will be our base for the next couple of days.
Cheltenham Badlands, Caledon and locted exactly at GPS : 43.774069, -79.944778 at the roadside of Olde Baseline Road.
The Red Clay Hills has to be carefully taken care as it is a fragile formation and restriction access is ought to be carried out. 
Just imagine it used to be a river bed once upon a time, it used to be occupied by a large river and it got dry up over the thousands of years and now it is a red clay hills.
We were excited to see a wheat field and we insisted we to stop to have a closer feel and we did.
Me and an old school mate from Sultan Badlishah School, Kulim.
Terra Cotta Conservation Area is one of the most environmentally-significant areas in the Credit River Valley. The area comprises 504 acres of valleys, cliffs and bedrock plains mixed with diverse forests, wetlands and streams. This landscape provides a varied hiking experience with over 12km of trails.
We visited an apple farm as we were driving back to Brampton.
Actually the farm was already closed but our brother Tami managed to sweet talk the owner for us to have  a brief visit. Well done bro!
Our last stop for the evening was at Shalimar's home for a tea.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 14 - Let's Go to Nose Hill Park

My plan for the day and this was my last cycling activity in Calgary. Nose Hill Park here I come.
The ride was to use as much cycling paths as possible and these are mostly found within the roads of residential areas.
The cycle paths are definitely longer comparing to the vehicular roads and zip zapping through residential communities. I was lost several times locating for the right connecting paths. Certain stretches of the paths are of severe gradients and can be tough for some cyclists.
I stopped at a petrol station for a quick bite and drink after a mind boggling morning ride. But thankfully I was already half way to Nose Hill Park.
Tim Hortons is Canada and Canada is Tim Hortons that is how popular Tim Hortons is...at the beginning it did not ring my bell at all what is Tim Hortons but after staying for a few days in Canada I realised that Tim Hortons is bigger than McDonalds and Starbucks. Tim Hortons is also found in Petrol stations. By the way Tim Hortons was a Canadian hockey player and the chain was formed in 1964. Tim Hortons died in 1974 in a car accident.
I was attracted by this nicely carved timber fencing of a residential development along one of the cycling paths at Shaganappi area.
This is the largest municipal park in Canada and North America. It is a natural environment park and a great retreat for city folks with an area of 1,129 hectares. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails in the park.
Basically it is a grassland with small groups of trees or rather it is insignificant as far as trees are concerned, coming from a person from a tropical country.
A popular haven for dog owners to hang out.
Truly a quiet and serene place away from the bustling city.
Nose Hill Park is home to some wildlife animals.
Jogging freely on the park on a summer morning is a commom sight and it is vast and interesting.
My share of a visit to  Nose Hill Park and why the name Nose Hill, it was many moons ago the people said that the shape of the hill resembles the nose of their Chief.
Gene and his dog named Roy. A popular partnership seems in the earlier years at this vicinity.
The couple were well known ranchers working very hard ranching this area. The existing development at northern outskirt of Calgary were the livelihood of Hanson and they shall be remembered. The development is continuing spreading northwards and in no time it will reach Road 566.
After a tiring adventure seeking ways to Nose Hill Park I was hungry as I was about to complete the mission. I decided to pull over to Cedars Deli at Panorama Hills for a Mediterranean sandwich. It was a healthy and awesome lunch.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 13 - Drumheller Dinosaur Capital of the World

Another day trip this time to Drumheller and we headed Northeast of Calgary for a dinosaur exposure.
Our first stop was Horseshoe Canyon after nearly 2 hours in the car (about 140km away), it's kind of a mini Grand Canyon in Alberta with a rich discovery of dinosaur fossils.
The ladies went down the canyon to have closer look.
While I went for a mechanical attraction, it was a helicopter service for the canyon viewing.
Horseshoe Canyon looks bare from the outside but it possesses great geological history. It has a number of easy walking trails to walk around the canyon.
These Hoodoos structures were formed through thousands of years of erosion of rain, glaciers and wind. These sandstone hoodoos are fragile and need to be protected. This was our 2nd destination.
These Hoodoos are located nearby Drumheller about 17km away.
Another fascinating creation we managed to visit and it was believed that they have spiritual power by the First Nation  forefathers.
Welcome to Atlas Coal Mine National Historical Site.
Another historical site of Canada, this time it was a former coal mine complete with many interesting timber buildings surrounding it.
Atlas Coal Mine is the only complete coal mine where one could have a tour of the mine learning how it works and how dangerous it was for those coal miners working there during those days.
One of the several old timber buildings of Atlas Coal Mine.
I like these wooden tipple and these are the last of its kind found in Canada.
Just before our lunch, Margaret took us to see another attraction and it was Star Mine Suspension Bridge.
The length is 117 metres across Red Deer River built in 1931 for the coal miners of Star Mine.
It was rebuilt in 1958 and currently maintained to commemorate the colourful activity of coal mining history in Drumheller.
Good choice for a wonderful lunch.
My awesome lunch and it looks like our Hainanese western food serving....
The town of Drumheller where dinosaurs are everywhere in this place.
At last we were at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.
There are more than 40 over mounted dinosaur skeletons in the museum.
The creatures of a time before human mankind and how do we explain for all these....
Chasmosaurus bellis.
The first discovery of dinosaur fossils in Canada was in 1881.
Bye bye Triceratops, it was nice meeting you.